You like to keep things private. We get it. Who wants their finances on display for the entire world to see?

And yet that’s exactly what crypto, DeFi, and synthetic asset traders face today. As of right now, there’s no privacy protocol that allows you to keep your affairs private. As soon as you make a transaction, or convert your funds to fiat money, you lose that privilege.

Well until now...

In a world where show and tell is the new sliced bread, we’ve decided to fight a fight for your right to financial privacy.

We're Sahara Protocol. And we're about to make your trading days a whole lot better.

  • Complete privacy

    Complete privacy

    You should be able to trade in cryptocurrency, decentralized finance, and synthetic assets without losing your financial privacy.

  • Synthetic assets

    Synthetic assets

    Synthetic assets are becoming more and more established in digital trade. Since Sahara’s goal is to make trading easier and more private, you can trade in synthetic assets right on the protocol.

  • Completely decentralized

    Completely decentralized

    Your investments aren’t linked to a single financial entity, a single hard currency, a single government, or a single continent.

  • DeFi products

    DeFi products

    You’ll continue in your same protected, private trading style - and a world of decentralized finance opens up for you.

All about Sahara

Get to know our ecosystem

Multi-chain, private ecosystem

Unlike existing privacy protocols, Sahara runs on the Ethereum blockchain, with Binance Smart Chain to be added down the line. That means business as usual you - with total privacy added.

What we can offer

See why Sahara is better

Web3 ready for all DeFi applications


DeFi products


Swap functions


Synthetic assets


Browser Extension Wallet


Governance platform token


ERC-20 & BEP-20 dual support


Decentralized hosting




Anonymous addresses


How are tokens distributed?


01234567891035%Yield farming



  • Q1-Q3 2021

    • Team assembly

    • Concept of idea

    • Tokenomics

    • Marketing strategy

    • Organize funding

    • Landing page

  • Q4 2021

    • Platform beta development

    • Initial product/MVP UX/UI

    • Building community

    • Strategic partnerships

    • Launch of new website

    • Smart contract audits

    • DEX/CEX listing

  • Q1 2022

    • Beta live on Ethereum Blockchain

    • Beta live with Binance Smart Chain compatibility

    • Farming rewards

    • Ecosystem development

  • Q2 2022

    • Launch 2.0 on Ethereum and Binance Smart chain

    • Mainstream marketing push

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Get to know us

Executive Team

Development Team

  • LinkedIn
    Andrius Bartminas - Sahara Protocol

    Andrius Bartminas


  • LinkedIn
    Linas Butenas - Sahara Protocol

    Linas Butenas

    Tech Lead

  • Indrė Taurosevičiūtė - Sahara Protocol

    Indrė Taurosevičiūtė

    Project Manager

  • Diana Lypska - Sahara Protocol

    Diana Lypska

    Business Analyst

  • Vytautas Kašėta - Sahara Protocol

    Vytautas Kašėta

    Head of Blockchain

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